December 2004


Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Posted on Sunday, 12 December 2004

Blimey. This is quite some intense action!
In a way it's more like playing Quake than it is Half Life - it feels even more intense than the original Half Life multiplayer deathmatch at least.
It's no Counterstrike:Source though, I am liking that game even more now, especially what with it running at >50fps (my CPU doing SSE2 seems to make something of a large difference over similarly clocked 32bit Athlons)


At last

Today I watched The Lord of The Rings: Return of The King: Extended Edition (bit of a mouthful) and I have to say I am very impressed and it's great to see things like the Saruman confrontation at last.
I've only watched a few of the extra bits, the ones I thought would be most interesting/funny and they were (the stuff about weta digital and post production was great) and I probably won't bother with the rest, it's just nice to have finally closed out the full, extended trilogy at last. I can still remember seeing Fellowship of The Ring quite clearly a few years ago and I've really enjoyed watching it develop since then.
I went for the boxed version, which includes a little model of Minas Tirith, which is very funky and goes with the Argonath from the Fellowship boxed version nicely :)


Goodbye Brighton, Hello Brixton (for one night only)

Posted on Saturday, 11 December 2004

Last night I went to see Groove Armada at the Brixton Academy for marky's birthday. It was a truly excellent show - the performance was really spot on and they have done an excellent job preparing the tour so it's not just a string of set pieces; It was more like an arrangement of their work with the various tracks rolling through each other beautifully. The visuals were funky and the atmosphere was very friendly.
If you have the option of seeing them live, take it. I will be hunting the festival listings next year for their appearances ;)

(and thanks to Simon's parents for letting us stay the night, plus for having awesome cats :)



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