Clearing the Logitech jungle

Posted on Saturday, 9 April 2005

I have uploaded a mini HOWTO into my techie documents section that covers configuring a Linux machine running Xorg to make best possible use of a Logitech keyboard and mouse (the Elite and MX700 respectively) and the bundles they are sold together in (the Duo MX and Cordless Desktop MX).
It requires a fairly recent distro because it uses some features/data only available in Xorg so far. Personally I am using these settings without problems on my Ubuntu Hoary machine.
A direct link to the HOWTO is here.

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  1. While this is a very old post, I am wondering if the document it claims to link to still exists anywhere. It appears to have gone missing from your site as far as I can tell. None of the links I've found lead to anything. :(