May 2007


Farm ore punny

Posted on Friday, 11 May 2007

< koudelkat> He's such a boar
< Ng> koudelkat: bee quiet, that's a terribull pun ;)
<@lilyj> Ng: No need to be piggish
< Ng> pathetick ;)
< koudelkat> I can't bear this any more :'(
<@lilyj> Now you've got koudelka cowed
< cdavies> lemur alone, he's had enough.
* koudelkat eyes lily's sheeply curves
<@lilyj> koudelkat: stop being so catty
< koudelkat> I'm no pussy!
<@lilyj> true, you're definitely not henpecked
< koudelkat> Don't egg me on.
< koudelkat> Ok, we've milked this quite enough
<@lilyj> Chicken
< koudelkat> :'(
< cdavies> koudelkat: I don't think you've been gibbon enough credit.
< koudelkat> then I shall crow in delight over the recognition
< koudelkat> I don't mean to worm my way in though
< cdavies> civet you've done now? You can your puns.
<@lilyj> ok, time to stop monkeying around
< koudelkat> yeah, it's not cricket
< cdavies> let me stick my proboscis in to this conversation.
<@lilyj> cdavies: OK, but just what is it giraffe-ter?
< koudelkat> lilyj: nothing at all, he's lion
< cdavies> lilyj: I can see you're a shrew-d operator.
<@lilyj> cdavies: No need to fawn
< cdavies> lilyj: yes, deer.
< koudelkat> you guys are doeps
<@lilyj> don't be a dik dik
<@lilyj> which is my favortie animal name, btw
< cdavies> marmoset I shouldn't talk to strangers.
<@lilyj> cdavies: I was expecting "marmoset there'd be days like these."
< koudelkat> she toad me the same thing!
<@lilyj> cdavies: it would have rammed the pun home
< cdavies> If I can't think up a good pun soon, I may have to fall back on a meer cat joke.
<@lilyj> but ewe missed it
< koudelkat> what an ass!
< koudelkat> he should have mule'd it over more.
<@lilyj> cdavies: If you had responded to "he's lion" with "he's not lion, he's a meerkat" you could have even gotten a rimshot
< cdavies> I didn't want to hog the glory.
< koudelkat> I'm sure one of us would have swined about it
< koudelkat> But we've no need to ham i tup
<@lilyj> probably not. we're too busy putting on hares
< koudelkat> and steaking our own claims
<@lilyj> steering each other in wrong directions
< cdavies> owl come right out and say it, this coversation makes me want to shriek and run out to the barn.
<@lilyj> a rather mousey response
< koudelkat> we do hawk bad puns :(
<@lilyj> It's getting harder to ferret them out, though
< cdavies> maybe it's time to clam up then.
<@lilyj> cdavies: I think you're just being shellfish
<@zytta> lilyj: it's good to see that you still have elephantitis
< koudelkat> lilyj: you'd better krill him!
< cdavies> don't mount him though, he's been known to humpback.
< koudelkat> cdavies: not if she starts whaling on you
< cdavies> yeah, squid pro quo for putting up with your puns.
< koudelkat> cdavies: you're a sucker for them
<@lilyj> he wolfs them down
<@lilyj> damn, this conversation is just beastly
< koudelkat> it has a tendency to dragon though...
<@lilyj> maybe we could sire a new one
<@lilyj> if everyone is done horsing around, that is...
< koudelkat> you're such a cheetah
<@lilyj> you're going to have have to pony up an explanation for that accusation
< koudelkat> that wasnt stipulated in the rider agreement
<@lilyj> don't try to jockey around the subject
<@lilyj> Your telling of tails gives me paws
< koudelkat> lilyj: mare-ry me?
<@lilyj> koudelkat: am I the gorilla your dreams?
< koudelkat> lilyj: i'm homoerectus for your man though :'(
<@lilyj> salamander of taste, I suppose
< koudelkat> I'm actually newt-ral on the subject..
<@lilyj> I gnu you would be
< Ng> after all this punnery there's going to have to be some lion down
< koudelkat> yeah, they've got no sole now
< Ng> oh my cod this is getting bat ;)
<@lilyj> I can't be herring this correctly
< koudelkat> We should really put lox on our mouths
< Ng> lilyj: there there deer, it'll be ok
<@lilyj> now Ng is fawning over me
<@lilyj> salmon should stop us
< Ng> noo! wevil got to keep going! ;)
< Ng> frogging and country
<@lilyj> Ng: I thought bad puns were your bugbear
< koudelkat> Ng: Flea while you still can!
<@lilyj> Fly away
<@lilyj> before the bull gets any thicker
< Ng> eel brb ;)
< cdavies> and with that, he's herring off in to the night.
< koudelkat> i'm just gonna tuna you guys out
< koudelkat> I dont want us to get into a roe about this.
<@lilyj> Ng: We'll whlek-ome you back with open arms
<@lilyj> whelk-ome
< koudelkat> lilyj: he's such an urchin
<@lilyj> cdavies: Yeah, he left us to flounder about on our own
< cdavies> always musseling in on our punnage.
< koudelkat> he crabs all the good ones :'(
< cdavies> he's sole'd out.
<@lilyj> what a rat
< koudelkat> to another orca-stra.
< cdavies> what a cheap skate.
< koudelkat> let's make him walk the plankton
<@lilyj> he'd just fish himself out
<@lilyj> but i suppose we could just gopher it and see what happens
< koudelkat> that's what he went to school for
< cdavies> I swear, he's one of the pod people.
< koudelkat> can't trust men of that elk
< cdavies> you moose love punnani bad.
< koudelkat> well, i do love critter-us
< cdavies> Oh well, I can't just yak on. Must work.
<@lilyj> that pun will hound me for days
< koudelkat> i'm gonna be feline it for days
<@lilyj> I might even bitch about it
< koudelkat> I've haddock with you guys, I'm gonna work.
<@lilyj> koudelkat: OK, simian the morning and we'll continue
< koudelkat> lilyj: I hope we can include frogging in the agenda, I've been bad.
< cdavies> we wouldn't have to frog you, if only you'd toad the line.
< koudelkat> lilyj: Meat you in the morning, then.
< Ng> cdavies: he always weasels his way out of such things
< cdavies> Ng: Oh, I didn't know, I'm newt to this.
<@lilyj> cdavies: that' stoat-ally untrue
< koudelkat> we just spent an hour on delicious puns
< koudelkat> i didn't even notice
<@lilyj> it was our dogged determination that got us through
< cdavies> that and years of squirrelling away puns.
<@lilyj> But we were finally able to come out of our shells
<@lilyj> fur what it's worth
< cdavies> and that the audience didn't let fruit fly.
< Ng> I'm impressed, I thought it'd die out quickly, but you all kept beavering away
<@lilyj> cdavies: They're just gnat like that
<@lilyj> of course, sometimes they can bee waspish
< koudelkat> I canter do this anymore. :(
<@lilyj> koudelkat: no need to get your gallop
< Ng> koudelkat: come bacteria tomorrow
< Ng> and your salvation shall be found virus
< cdavies> you shouldn't ape jesus.
<+kif> +r
< Ng> cdavies: he won't be back until the raptor ;)
<+kif> woah, this has been going on for ages
< Ng> kif: I'll bison time while you catch up ;)
< Ng> then you can yak with us! ;)
<@lilyj> sow you say...
* kif just bees quiet
< cdavies> kif: I you don't think of puns, you ruminant for the rest of us.
< cdavies> and that gets my goat.
<@lilyj> besides, it probably won't beetle tomorrow sometime that we decide to stop
< koudelkat> i'm horny
<+kif> lilyj: but you've ewe-sed mouse-t of the possibilities already!
<@lilyj> kif: Don't be a tit :D
< Ng> kif: so start robin other peoples' ;)
< cdavies> that'd just be cuckoo
< koudelkat> lilyj: she just squeeked by
<@lilyj> yeah, don't just try to badger us into quitting
* kif admits to being out-foxed ):
< Ng> lilyj: we could surely take a little fowl play? ;)
<+kif> i prefer it when you guys just paste rood lynx (;
<@lilyj> like lynx from hornet?
< koudelkat> kif: that's our of sty-le
<@lilyj> a crime against hu-manatee
< Ng> our ewe-nun is good though, you get days off for good bee hive here
<@lilyj> well, bugger that for a lark
< Ng> lilyj: don't get antsey
< cdavies> termite be cake later
<@lilyj> Ng: Yes, mallard
* koudelkat ducks the bad puns
< Ng> koudelkat: don't have a cow, man
< koudelkat> Ng: well stop with insect-uous relationships with lilyj
< Ng> koudelkat: cheeky monkey!
< koudelkat> butt of course :D
<+kif> ok, you're boar-ing me now
<@lilyj> I think he's just aping you now
* kif wonders owl this end?
< koudelkat> kif: we'll probably all flock to the icecream place
< Ng> koudelkat: well flamingo then!
<@lilyj> kif: WHenever we're out of puns to panda to the masses
<+kif> oh deer ):
< learath> Panda Style!
<@lilyj> don't listen to him, he's just raven
* kif leaves you guys to rabbit on
< cdavies> alls whelk that ends whelk, I say.
<@lilyj> cdavies: I don't swallow that
< cdavies> lilyj: I cow-tow to your superiour wisdom
<@lilyj> ooo, mushroomtwo. i bet he sable to pun with us
<@lilyj> at least, he mite be
2007-05-10 17:38:07-!- mushroomtwo [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
<@lilyj> aww, heron away
<@lilyj> Ibex he'll be back
< cdavies> people just flamingo-ing away away like that gets my goat.
< cdavies> It's like they're coming the raw prawn.
<@lilyj> I just turn the other chick
< cdavies> it just gets to me, I fillet deep in my heart.
<@lilyj> Dingo let off some steam
<@lilyj> no use letting it make you bittern callous
< Ng> damn, you two are pun animals
<@lilyj> bullocks
< cdavies> I've just got the gift of the crab.
<@lilyj> I shouldp robalby go to lunch. I'm getting a bit peckish
< cdavies> Ng: I think it's your tern.
< cdavies> Once bittern, twice shy I suppose.
<+kif> yous guys are genus
< cdavies> guillemot hold it against you.
< cdavies> but I suppose it could become auk-ward.
<@lilyj> kif: enough of your barbs
<@lilyj> gar-na go wolf something down
< cdavies> if you're cooking, make sure not the char anything.
<@lilyj> howver, albino catfish. I can't abide catfish
<+kif> stop tigress-ing!
< cdavies> lilyj: I trout they're edible.
<+kif> of horse they are
< cdavies> maybe I'll cook some for you, salmon-chanted evening!
< Ng> I hope someone is logging this for later reproduction as a short story ;)
<@lilyj> A Big Fish story? or a Fairy Tail?
< Ng> lilyj: definitely a shaggy dog story
< Ng> cdavies: you should cook up some rat-atouille and chick peas ;)
<@lilyj> toad in the hole
<@lilyj> great, now I want ratatouille and I Don't know of any place that sells it
<+kif> maybe you could get mouse-cerpone instead?
< Ng> ooh, I have tara-mouse-lata at home
<@lilyj> moose-aka
<@lilyj> baabaa ganoush
* Ng had bull-ognese last night
<+kif> haha, terribull!
< Ng> yeah, it was
< Ng> stupid ready meals ;)
<+kif> m-eels?
<@lilyj> maybe I'll get some hum-mouse
<@lilyj> with a side of PETA...mmmm vegans