July 2008


Iphone shortcomings

Posted on Monday, 28 July 2008

There's no doubting that the iphone is a hugely capable machine. It's powerful yet easy to use, but it's not perfect. Here are some things which I think are missing:

* DAAP - it would be great to be able to play music via wifi since the thing is a bit low on storage.
* Background apps - I understand the huge problems implied by this, but certain apps could be blessed with the ability. Either that or the excellent last.fm client should be integrated with the iPod app. Not everything can be made a push app (the api for which isn't even available yet)
* IMAP subscriptions - I have loads of mail folders I don't want to see, which is dead easy in most mail clients, because of the ability to only subscribe to certain mailboxes. I would like to see this in the iPhone mail client.
* IMAP new mail checking - I don't have all my new mail go to my inbox, some gets filtered to other folders an I would like to be able to tell the mail client to check these too.


Terminator 0.9 released!

Posted on Tuesday, 8 July 2008

It's been far too long, but here it is. Terminator 0.9.

As usual, head over to the home page to get all the links and information you need.

"So what's new in this release?" Well let's have a little look at the ChangeLog:

* Tab support
* Drag & Drop support
* Added support for ~/.config/terminator/config
* Switch the meanings of "horizontal" and "vertical" wrt splitting,
after extensive user feedback. Added context menu icons to try and
make the meaning clearer.
* Added keybindings for terms size and scrollbar manipulation. Thanks
Emmanuel Bretelle.
* Completely revamped config system which now transparently makes use
of gconf settings if they are available, falls back to sensible
defaults if not, and can be overridden entirely by ~/.config/terminator/config
* Support terminal zooming - now you can quickly hide all terminals apart
from one and either scale the fontsize or not.
* New application icon from Cory Kontros
* FreeBSD support (thanks to Thomas Hurst)

and a whole heap of bug fixes. Rock on!


Terminator 0.9 almost ready

Posted on Sunday, 6 July 2008

It's taken us some time to get there, but as this page shows, we now have all of the bugs we want solved for 0.9, solved :D

The string freeze came way too late unfortunately, so I'm expecting we'll want to do a 0.9.1 consisting of translations and fixes for any other bugs we figure out on the road to 1.0.
I now need to prepare all of the parts required for a release and push out a final RC build into our PPA and if all is well, 0.9 will be released very shortly! Please test it now and tell us if you hit any last minute problems.


0.9 ready for translation!

Posted on Saturday, 5 July 2008

The list of milestone bugs is now clear of items which affect the UI, so we are now in string freeze. I uploaded a new POT for 0.9 so the wonderful, wonderful community of translators can weave their magic. We did have a small false start which required changing one string, but unless anyone shakes out any new bugs, that's it. 0.9 is one step closer to release.