Terminator 0.9 released!

Posted on Tuesday, 8 July 2008

It's been far too long, but here it is. Terminator 0.9.

As usual, head over to the home page to get all the links and information you need.

"So what's new in this release?" Well let's have a little look at the ChangeLog:

* Tab support
* Drag & Drop support
* Added support for ~/.config/terminator/config
* Switch the meanings of "horizontal" and "vertical" wrt splitting,
after extensive user feedback. Added context menu icons to try and
make the meaning clearer.
* Added keybindings for terms size and scrollbar manipulation. Thanks
Emmanuel Bretelle.
* Completely revamped config system which now transparently makes use
of gconf settings if they are available, falls back to sensible
defaults if not, and can be overridden entirely by ~/.config/terminator/config
* Support terminal zooming - now you can quickly hide all terminals apart
from one and either scale the fontsize or not.
* New application icon from Cory Kontros
* FreeBSD support (thanks to Thomas Hurst)

and a whole heap of bug fixes. Rock on!


  1. Thanks a lot!
    I run it on my Debian Etch after some correction ;)