Terminator 0.10 released

Posted on Friday, 29 August 2008

It's been a week or so shy of two months since we pushed 0.9 out of the door and originally we planned on following up with a 0.9.1 release shortly after to clear up some bugs, but for a variety of not particularly good reasons this never happened.

Instead we've got a new release for you... 0.10.

It doesn't have any shiny whizz-bang features like 0.9 had, but it does bring a bunch of bug fixes and the groundwork necessary for our 1.0 release.

As usual, head over to the homepage, or Launchpad to get the goodness.


  1. I saw this release on Freshmeat listed as GNOME Terminator. Does this mean this project is going to be integrated into the gnome development cycle maybe post 1.0 or something?

    I'm so happy I could cry right now. Terminator is great.

  2. Sam: I have no plans to push for GNOME inclusion, I just picked that name for use on Freshmeat because they already listed a window theme called Terminator.