May 2008


0.9 loose feature freeze

Posted on Friday, 30 May 2008

The tabs feature is in. drag&dropping terminals is in. For bonus points we've even thrown in a branch that lets you quickly hide all the terminals apart from one (I'm experimentally calling this "terminal zooming").
So that's it for new features for 0.9 and apart from fixing bugs we are now only tweaking the existing features to get them right.
In the next week or so I'll declare a string freeze and get a translation template up so our fantastic translators can get to work while we take care of the final bugs. Right after that, a glorious 0.9 will roll out of the door and into a tarball/PPA/Intrepid near you!


A good day

Posted on Thursday, 22 May 2008

After learning to use Meld and much chatting with chantra, I'm pleased to announce that we have landed his dnd-tabs branch into Terminator trunk.

What does all of that mean? Well, it means that we are a major step closer to being able to release 0.9 (which I have arbitrarily decided should be released only when we have tab support). That's not to say that the release will be today or even in the next week - the branch landing may bring us all the infrastructure we need, but it needs some UI and behaviour love to make sure people don't get lost in a maze of nested tabs (although this seems like such a powerful feature for some users that it may well be available as an option). This is the sort of thing I want to avoid out of the box:
Tab madness

One other nice thing we get from chantra's branch is drag&drop re-ordering of terminals. You can kind of see it at work in the screenshot below - we highlight the area of the window where the terminal being dragged will end up (note that you can't see the mouse pointer - it should be over the grey square with a drag icon of a terminal):
Drag and drop glory

Thanks very much to chantra for his hard work on this, and indeed all of the team who have been rocking trunk for weeks now. We'll get this polished and fixed ASAP and into a tarball/PPA and hopefully into things like Fedora and OpenSUSE :)


Further Terminator Progress

Posted on Wednesday, 21 May 2008

It's a month since my last news item and since it's also now almost a month since Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) was released, work has picked up again on Terminator.
We're landing lots of fixes and architectural tweaks all the time, with a few features slipping in there too.

There's no firm deadline for 0.9 yet, but tabs is still the main blocking feature (drag&drop terminal arranging will be included free with that, which is extremely nice).
The team continues to grow, and we're getting more and more blog coverage. Thanks to everyone involved!


Let's be perfectly clear here...

Posted on Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult.
It's utterly outrageous that we have a law which supposedly prevents individuals from expressing their opinion.

3. A system of intense religious veneration of a particular
person, idea, or object, especially one considered
spurious or irrational by traditional religious bodies;
as, the Moonie cult.

even if you don't like that, there's:

2. A system of religious belief and worship.
[1913 Webster]

so that covers every religion as a cult. As for dangerous - they have a well documented history of legal threats, intimidating behaviour, etc.

Update: It seems that sanity is not lost and the guy isn't going to be prosecuted because, as should have been fairly obvious, his sign wasn't inciting anything \o/