October 2009


Rise of the Floating Fonters

Posted on Tuesday, 20 October 2009

For about two years now I've been using a 127dpi laptop screen as my primary computer display. It's a comfortable thing to be looking at, and after much playing around I've settled on 6.5pt as my ideal application font size.

No problems with that, right? Fontconfig says font sizes are a double (a high precision floating point number), but not all libraries/applications follow this.

In my testing of Karmic I've found two such things that particularly stick out:

  • notify-osd

    • Assumes font sizes are whole numbers, so ends up using a tiny font

  • Gwibber

    • Assumes font sizes are integers and completely fails to run if they are not

Obviously this won't do, so I've checked that we have filed bugs (and in the case of Gwibber, a patch), but I seem to be meeting some resistance, or this just isn't considered to be a high priority.

Thus a new Launchpad team is born, The Floating Fonters, for exiles such as myself who won't kowtow to the integers. We even have a PPA with fixed versions of notify-osd and Gwibber, but no guarantees are included!


Thinkpad USB keyboard

Posted on Saturday, 17 October 2009

Yesterday I took delivery of a new Thinkpad USB keyboard because I've started putting my laptop up on a stand to be next to it's external monitor.
In so doing I needed a keyboard and the ten quid Logitech was making me very sad, hence the Thinkpad one.

If you've ever typed on a thinkpad you immediately know why this keyboard is awesome :)