Final approach for Terminator epic-refactor

Posted on Thursday, 21 January 2010

I'm done hacking on the Terminator epic-refactor branch for the evening and the following has been achieved today (in chronological order):

  • Fix a bug in handling URLs dropped on the window

  • Implement directional navigation

  • Implement geometry hinting

  • Fix a bug in group emitting that cause "Broadcast off" and "Broadcast to all" to become inverted

  • Implement WM_URGENT bell handler

I'm really happy with how this is going. All that is left to have feature parity with trunk, I think, is some keyboard shortcut handlers.

I'd still love to get more testing results to make sure I haven't missed anything, but at this rate I'm expecting to be able to land the epic-refactor branch on trunk this weekend, after five and a half months.

Then I'm going to write a tool to convert old config files and we can think about putting out a 0.90 beta release. Exciting stuff!


  1. You mentioned before a lack of config file handlng...or rather that the format had changed and was totally undocumented and incompatible. Any change on that, or should I go install this then try to figure out the config file format from the source? (It's still Python, right?)

  2. The config file format has changed and is currently undocumented, but most config stuff can be set and saved with the new prefs editor :)

  3. Great news, can't wait for the Beta!