1. O.K. I spent some a little time playing with T-090. (Great program btw). Bugs so far:
    1. The title bar doesn't completely hide. Even when set to 'show_titlebar = False' a sliver of the bottom section of the titlebar still shows. The bottom of the terminator icon in the upper left also shows as a result.
    2. The user MUST use double quotes when specifying a hex for foreground_color when transparency is turned on, even with 'use_theme_colors=False'. Not using double-quotes results in the background turning completely black & losing transparency. The issue seems specific to hex. For words like 'red' or 'grey' double quotes are not required.
    3. Typo in the man page terminator_config. Under window_state, you have 'maxmise' but the program accept the option 'maximise' (missing 'i'). But even that's misspelled as it should be spelled 'maximize'.
    4. There's doesn't seem to be a way to make additional profile's the default. (Unless I'm missing something)

  2. Some more issues I found:
    1. Selecting 'handle_size=0' results in very weird behavior. When splitting vertically, the new terminal opens 3/4 of the way to the right instead of splitting the terminal in the middle. When splitting horizontally, the new terminal opens 2/3 of the way to the bottom instead of splitting the terminal in the middle.
    2. I've customized my bash terminal headers with colors (via my bashrc). However, T-0.90 seems to be ignoring the colors I specified and defaulting to yellow.

    Anyway... I'm not sure if any of my bugs are old or not as I don't frequent this blog often. Still I'd like to say that Terminator has been a mainstay on my Ubuntu box & I appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

  3. Options in the config file are not loaded...

  4. Lord XL: the not-hiding titlebar is something I did deliberately, I really don't like the idea of hiding it completely, but it's something I'm prepared to re-visit. Would you be prepared to file bugs at https://bugs.launchpad.net/terminator about some of these other issues? I've fixed the maxmise typo one, but the others require further investigation I think.

    Viorel: yes, I suck at release management and let a couple of really stupid bugs slip through. I'm preparing a 0.91 release to fix them. Sorry!

  5. No prob cmsj. I'll post the bugs to launchpad.