Lifesaver for Maverick

Posted on Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I think that enough of the planets have aligned in the shape of a failboat that I have been able to successfully upload a source package of Lifesaver to its PPA for Maverick.

I might be wrong though, we'll find out shortly when Launchpad processes the ridiculous output of several ridiculous tools.

Seriously Debian/Ubuntu developers, please sort this out. I really don't care about the intricacies of your workflow - just make it easy for me to be an upstream developer pushing packages into a PPA. Don't make me wade through a sea of hundreds of build tools, dscs, origs, diffs, etc. Just make a bundle and shove it into Launchpad. One command. bzr2ppa in a working directory. Done.

I'm quite sure the failures I had were due either to my incorrect use of some tool or other, or an incorrect setup, but I contend that I shouldn't have to care. Such a tool just needs to know that there's a debian/ that works and a PPA waiting. Make it happen. Go. Now. Are we there yet?

(Rant over, the package uploaded and will presumably build shortly, enjoy!)


  1. It would be nice to see lifesaver on a screen somewhere at UDS. You know, with one of those spare projectors that don't exist. :)

  2. Do i win a prize? :)

    $ bzr2ppa ppa:cmsj/lifesaver

    $ cat `which bzr2ppa
    if [ -d debian ]; then
    bzr bd -S
    dput $1 ../*.dsc

  3. You might like AutoPPA (lp:autoppa). You need to do some trivial setup, after which you can do:

    autoppa build lifesaver 1.2.3-4~ppa5

    AutoPPA will take care of uploading your package for mutliple versions of Ubuntu at the same time. One command results in packages for all the versions of Ubuntu you care about.

  4. What a beautiful and concise rant, all of which I agree with.

  5. PPAs are an Ubuntu thing AFAIK, I've never once seen one for Debian. Meaning, rant at Ubuntu, and just get your package in Debian the normal* way :)

    * I don't know what that is, however.

  6. jorge: It might be a cute thing to have in a communal area if there is somewhere that people are likely to sit/slack for a while, but it means a whole PC and monitor that someone (i.e. IS ;) has to provide just for my silly screensaver ;/

    Daviey: Nice start, but the second run will upload two dscs, and I think bzr-bd -S will fail to produce the necessary orig.tar.gz.

    Jamu: yeah I will look into autoppa, thanks :)

    lefty: I feel Debian deserves some blame because it's their fault there are 800 different ways to prepare and upload a package. PPAs are just another archive and builder, the interfaces are essentially the same as a normal Debian upload, the difference being that Debian's barrier of entry is so high that the people uploading packages are numb to the insanity of the process, and PPAs set that barrier low enough that anyone can trip over it :)