July 2013


Moving on from Terminator

Posted on Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Anyone who's been following Terminator knows this post has been a long time coming and should not be surprised by it.

As of a few days ago, I have handed over the reigns of the project to the very capable Stephen J Boddy (a name that will be no stranger to followers of the Terminator changelogs - he has contributed a great deal over the last few years).

We're still working out the actual details of the handover, so for now the website is still here and I am still technically the owner of the Launchpad team that runs the project, but going forward all code/release decisions will come from Stephen and we'll move the various administrivia over to new ownership in due course.

Everyone please grab your bug trackers and your python interpreters and go send Stephen patches and feature requests! :D


Some Keyboard Maestro macros

I've started using Keyboard Maestro recently and it is one impressive piece of software.

Here are a couple of the macros I've written that aren't completely tied to my system:

  • Type current Safari URL
    • This will type the URL of the frontmost Safari tab/window into your current application. Handy if you're chatting with someone and want to paste them a hilarious YouTube URL without switching apps, copying the URL to the clipboard and switching back.
    • It does not use the clipboard, it actually types the URL into the current application, so any modifier keys you hold will change what is being typed. I've configured the macro to fire when the specified hotkey is released, to minimise the chances of this happening. 
  • Toggle Caffeine
    • Very simple, just toggles the state of Caffeine with a hotkey.